What exactly is Temporary Employment provided by the Temporary Work Agency? And here we have a surprise – it is up to 18 months of work for one employer. All legally required insurance, paid leave of absence and many other positive things you lack. Of course there are cons as well, but for one who wants to change ones life, they are not crucial.

First of all abide to a simple rule of „…help yourself…”

For a person in search of work, the Agency provides a possibility to find it. One of the main pros of this type of employment is a possibility to find work in a desired field. It is especially important for young educated people, for whom having not gaps in CV is crucial for potential further continues employment. For people seeking work, there is another positive, as the burden of finding work is transfer to the Agency, when one fills in the necessary forms. Of course the Agency must find a willing Employer User, but when one is found, the agency informs the Temporary Employee, and delegates them to work.

To enable such employment the Agency will require the following information:

The Agency has a right to ask for further documents (especially work certificates, employment certificates from the year in which one signs with the Agency, education confirmation). It can also ask for written information, confirming if one is registered as unemployed or in search of work through the government agencies.

There can be no doubt about the fact that finding work, by signing with the Agency is much easier and faster, than searching for it on your own.

Temporary Employees Rights according to regulations
from the Dz. Ustaw 2003 nr 166 poz. 1608 with all following changes
(most crucial information)

A Temporary Employee has the same duties and responsibilities as all other employees working for the Employer User. He is obliged by all requirements and requests given by the employer, if they are not against any legal regulations, in specific:

Financial obligations of the Temporary Employee: General based. Additional information, because there is never enough of these:

The Temporary Employee is employed by the Agency only to fulfill temporary work for the Employer User:

Terms of employment

The APT employs only for a temporary time or for the time of the work at hand. Such a contract is dissolved whilst the work ends.
All documents related to the contract and it itself are being constructed and signed by the Agency.


The Agency, is the sole employer of the temporary employee, and she is the party of all consequences and responsibilities forwarded by him (what means that the Employer User is in the clear, and the Agency takes full responsibility). The Agency pays the salary, and takes care of all costs, which must be, regulated towards the government such as ZUS and US ones.

In case of employing such a temporary employer out side of the Polish borders, the obligation of paying diets is lifted due to the fact that this does not count as work related travel. The work place stated in the contract will be the obliging one, where the work actually will take place.

Absence of leave/ holiday leave

A temporary employee is given the right to two free days for every month they spend at a work place regardless if it’s a single or multiple one. One cannot use these days more than once, if used at the previous work place, also the previously acquired right from a distinct work capacity does not count in this specific employment arrangement.


One cannot delegate to work at the employer user if: One cannot employ the same employee at the same work place for a period longer than 18 month, in a total of 3 years overall.
In the case when, such a temporary employee would be working in place of an absent employee, they can stay there up to 36 months, however such an employee cannot be hired there for a period of 36 months.

Tax issues

For an employee temporarily staying out side of the polish borders, there is 30% reduction in tax for each day they where employed for, but this only goes as far as food and accomodation costs.