Arispol was brought to life as a general company in 1990. Three years later our Construction Technology unit was formed. Arispol Interiors and Construction Systems are present on the market in the capacity of a General Constructor. Our specialization in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and Netherlands is providing works from designing, fit outing, constructing and providing after service in Shopping Centers, City Point’s and all commercial and individual projects.

All design works, are performed with the cooperation of  Polish, German, Holland, Czech, Slovak architects.

All interior works have been performed with the same subcontractors since the very beginning. It enabled us to choose the best of the best. Our subcontractors have about 200 great professionals working for them. This manpower potential can be of course increased in order to meet a specific clients needs. We perform complex works, from floors, facades, all installations (electric and sanitary) and construction works, to carpenter ones. Since 2002 we work on the Czech and Slovakian market, in 2012 we entered the German one. From 2014 we begin on Holland interior constructions. In all of these countries we work legally, and pay all required by law taxes.

Our key clients are: Mango ( SHE, Man as a HE, Violeta, Kids, Baby and Sport),Pure Fitness & Health, Jatomi Pure Fitness & Health,Jatomi Fitness & Health, Promod, New Yorker, Pepco, Intersport, Foot Locker, Camaieu, Lynx Optique, Jacqueline Riu, 5 a sec, Hair coif, Villa Italia, Beatrix, Kobe and many others, with whom we worked in the following Shopping Centers M1, Carrefour, Géant, Auchan, Tesco, Plaza, Leclerc, ECE, Alkauf Ahold (Hipernova), Metropolie Praha, Olimpia, Optima, Avion, Eurovea, Aupark, Central, Breungerland,Alexandrium among many others.

We can guarantee, that all of our works will be held out timely, and to the highest standards. Our subcontractors will meet all market demands. We always provide on site professional supervision, which enables us to constantly be on top of other Investors subcontractor’s needs. Many times we perform our works in the night hours, to satisfy the already working Shopping Centers needs. Throughout the entire process of our works, we provide you with a Photo Newsletter, showing our progress. We always provide full guarantee service works, and also post guarantee ones (only upon specific request).

Our investors are content with our experience and competent cooperation, because we also provide a vast Technical Service of all necessary ones including: electric energy, telephone and internet, card terminals, advertisement and recruitment, legal and accounting, together with registration and any other requested by You.

In the coming year 2016, we will continue working for our Clients in all 5 of the countries where we are present.

Since 2010 we have been awarded with the title of Effective Firm, and from 2011 we are able to use this title continuously. And since 2012 we have been awarded the Business Reliability Award given by Bisnode Poland (the polish partner at D&B Corporation), for our proper conduct and high morals in the work environment.

We are also members of the French and polish Detalinfo services.

We are looking forward to working with you, and meeting your needs along the way.

Slawomir Chareza

CEO of Arispol