We perform all construction related works and installation ones, such as:

Construction work

Floors – concrete, self leveling screed, epoxide, stone, ceramic, tile, wooden panels, wooden boards, parquet and sport system ones.

Floor systems –detachable elevated systems and monolithic ones, platforms and ramps for the disabled made out of lattice cranes.

Walls – brick masonry, airbrick, gypsum carton including fire resistant ones, glass, aluminum, wooden, HPL, mobile ones, special ones for toilets and shower cabins.

Ceilings – all type of systems (from gypsum carton to acoustic).

Finishing of walls and ceilings – plastering, finishing coats, wall papers, tiles, stone elements, wooden elements also self produced, acoustic panels.

Open carpentry – windows, all types of doors, crates, roller shutters and gates.

Furniture and equipment – complex store equipment, as well as office and apartment, starting with furniture made according to project, stock room racking systems and finishing with small elements such as fire extinguishers, waste baskets.

Installation works:

Electric installations – medium and low voltage, lightning and ground systems,

We also provide a vast Technical Service of all necessary ones including: electric energy, telephone and internet, card terminals, advertisement and recruitment, legal and accounting, together with registration and any other requested by You.

Alarm installations – CCTV, technical ones.

HVAC installations – ventilation, air conditioning, central heating, defogging systems.

Sanitary installations – complex sanitary equipment from ceramics to soap dispensers.

Fire installations – hydrant, sprinklers, SAP, DSO.

We also perform small steel constructions, gel concrete, wooden together with demolition works and non-invasive concrete constructions. Vast offer in the diamond technique section (ferro link).